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Brand: SEW

Model: PC22K

Origin: Taiwan

System Voltage: 22 kV (max 30kV)

Full Scale Voltage: 24kV

Total Resistance: 10,82M

Response time: <1Sec

Neon Threshold: 1,2kV

Neon lit Fully @: 1,5kV

Length of Handle: 775mm

Length Front End: 500mm

Total Length: 1,275m

Total Weight: 2,2Kg

Operating temperature: -25oC-55 oC

Operating Humidity: 20 to 96% RH

 Designed to exceeds VDE 0681 part 5.
 No user's assembled parts.
 Dual color coded scale (%, Vac).
 Neon indicator lit whe > 1200 Vac.
 Light weight, robust & compact.
 Carry case included.
 Compare between Phases.
 Measure and test Phase to Earth.
 High quality fibreglass wound Rod.
 Self powered operation - No Battery -.
 DC version available.
 Measure Phase to Phase.
 Hi immunity to interference fields.
 Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
 Current is limited to +/- 1 milli-ampere.
 Grounded or Ungrounded systems.
 Voltage color coded O-Y-G-B-R.
 Factory test certificates.
 Meets IEC 61481 : 2001
 This NEW PC range of High Voltage Multifunction Phasing Sticks are : all-in-one, a Phase comparitor with color coded scale indication, a Voltage Detector with Neon Indication and a Scaled Voltmeter. They are available in five models for applications up to 44kV systems (6.6kV, 11kV, 22kV, 33kV and 44kV).
 The NEW PC range of Multifunction Phasing Sticks utilizes a long established technique to detect and measure high voltages and perform phasing tests. These dual pole instruments incorporates modern, high quality glass fibre front end, composite polyurethane main body molding to give tough and very light weight construction and superior safety features. They have analog color-coded dual scales and seon indicaton.
 They are not just VDE0681 part 5 compliant and IEC1243-2. They are practical and efficient. Beacuse of their multifunction capabilities, you do not need to buy separates instruments. You can therefore stay within your budget without compromise.
 They are supplied complete with instruction manual and two factory test report certificates and optionally, a calibration certificate. They are housed in a superb high quality modern plastic case with shock absorbing foam. The New PS range is self-powered and does not require batteries. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use (in dry weather). They do not require dismantling or re-assembling and so not have any user's assembled parts, so eliminating the risks of assembly mistake and accidents during High Voltage Work in a breakdown situation.
 The NEW PC range does not have any dangerous, user selectable/assembled metal parts exposed to high voltage, thus, the user cannot be exposed to lethal voltage while handling or testing with the new PC range. They are over-designed for increased user protectin and are lighter than any other sticks on the market today. The indicator has been screened for high immunity to interference fields.
 They determine the voltage and positively identify phases up to 44kV. We have measuring ranges from 6.6kV up to 44kV systems but others voltages can be manufactured on request.


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